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“Successful modern marketing demands a rich understanding of customers — and understanding customers is as much about location as it is about people.”

Indoor location Tracking & Analytics

With plug-n-play solutions we enable your apps to detect the location and create seamless experiences for your store visitors.

Outdoor location Data & Analytics

We analyse your data and combine it with third party location data to extract information about consumer and competitive behaviour.

Transactional Analysis

With our Shopmind platform we analyse transaction data and support the understanding of shopper behaviour and opportunities.

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Technological Solutions, Location & Transaction Data Insights


We can help you create personalized omni-channel location aware experiences embedded in your app. With bespot’s solutions you can know when a visitor enters the store, what drives traffic & where consumers frequent.

Consumer Goods

With analytics solutions, you can understand the purchase shipments associated with your product categories. By visualizing the flows of consumer personas, you can understand your customer globally to plan your next campaign.

Hospitality (HoReCa)

Get turnkey solutions for proximity-based rewards, attract nearby customers and provide your customers with voucher services to boost your cash flow.

Municipalities & Associations

With white label solutions, municipalities can support rewards in “open mall” environments to support local shops. With bespot surveys, citizens share quality of life issues after visiting public places.

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Leverage location intelligence, empower your services and offer a truly unique shopping experience.