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Γίνε ένας bespoter

About us

Bespot is an AI and analytics-enabled company that develops deep location intelligence solutions for the retail and hospitality industry, satisfying the needs of both small stores and larger facilities.

The company offers location-based white-label mobile services and a location positioning SDK that uses machine learning techniques to accurately determine users’ location in indoor and outdoor environments. Bespot SDK achieves world-class indoor location accuracy, close to 100%.

Leveraging first-party location data, transactional and other company data, bespot’s insights platform “Shopmind Insights”, assists companies in unlocking valuable insights about shoppers. Via “Shopmind Insights” companies have access to footfall trends, live heatmaps, customer personas, consumer preferences, and other insights regarding bricks-and-mortar stores and brands.

Bespot’s solutions have received distinctions and have been awarded by Eurobank – EGG, SEPE, Athens University of Economics and Business, Nestlé, Lamda Developments, Athens International Airport, and Viva Wallet.

Our Vision

Our belief in the value of location data led us early to build their collection from a variety of POIs across the country. We transform data into powerful mobility trends reports with a set of advanced analytics tools.

We intend to provide our partners with rich insights, which they can leverage to understand shoppers, identify opportunities, and improve their services.

Leverage location intelligence, empower your services and offer a truly unique shopping experience.”

Our Awards

Lamda Developments
Athens University of Economics and Business
Eurobank - EGG
Viva Wallet
Athens International Airport