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Empowering Digital Transformation and Anonymous Visitor Insights Across One of the Largest Southeastern Europe Retailers


In embarking on a significant digital transformation one of the largest Southeastern Europe retailers, confronted a series of intricate challenges. The primary objective was to enrich the in-store gaming experience by introducing a variety of games, enabling real-time support, and seamlessly integrating digital products and personalized content within their mobile app, all under their retail license.

A critical aspect of this endeavor was maintaining visitor’s anonymity, a fundamental element in Southeastern Europe’s retail gaming sector. This necessitated a delicate balance between digital innovation and privacy. Additionally, the retailer sought to gain detailed insights into customer behavior in order to enhance the gaming experience and evaluate the digital transformation’s impact. This entailed measuring in-store visitor activity and identifying behavioral patterns.

Furthermore, ensuring strict compliance with regulatory standards was paramount, as this would demonstrate the feasibility and safety of introducing advanced digital entertainment solutions in the Southeastern Europe market.

In view of the challenges outlined by the retailer, the introduction of Bespot’s solution marked a significant turning point in their digital transformation journey. At the heart of the retailer’s ever-evolving entertainment offering, Bespot’s leading-edge geofencing technology came into play, offering a sophisticated solution.

This technology, adept in pinpointing customer locations within the store with remarkable precision, enabled a revolutionary approach to in-store gaming. By accurately validating the position of each visitor to the centimeter, it facilitated the delivery of personalized, location-aware digital content. This seamless integration catered to the unique needs of each customer, enhancing their gaming experience without infringing on their valued anonymity.

As visitors engaged with the digital offerings, Bespot’s system discreetly collected crucial customer intelligence data. This wealth of information provided the retailer with deep insights into customer behaviors and preferences, essential for tailoring gaming experiences and evaluating the effectiveness of digital initiatives. In this narrative, Bespot’s role was crucial, seamlessly bridging the gap between innovative digital engagement and the fundamental requirements of anonymity and compliance in the Southeastern European retail gaming sector.


One of the largest Southeastern Europe retailers introduced the Store Mode App, a new anonymous lottery and sports betting app. It enables access to all traditional games via smartphone and supports cash top-up when in a licensed venue.



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