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Unlock Precise, Real-Time Location Verification

Tap into the unparalleled accuracy of our cutting-edge location validation technology, designed for precise tracking in any geofence or indoor setting.

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Proof of Location

Harness the power of combined geolocation signals like WiFi, Location Services (GPS), Cellular (GSM), and RF/Bluetooth integrated with our advanced Machine Learning algorithms to enhance the value of your location data.

Real-time Indoor Location Service

Experience indoor tracking that’s as easy as outdoor GPS. Get precise data for any mobile device within indoor environments.

Superior Accuracy

Discover the precision of our indoor tracking solution, offering nearly centimeter-level accuracy for pinpointing devices indoors—far surpassing industry standards and setting a new benchmark in location tracking capabilities.

GDPR Compliance

All personally identifiable information gathered from Bespot’s solution is anonymous by default, ensuring a strong respect for privacy while providing powerful analytical capabilities.

Digital Transformation

Supercharge your marketing strategy with location-based engagement tactics (geomarketing) such as push notifications, in-app notifications, and news feed updates. Drive brand loyalty and increase sales with rewards and incentives when customers are nearby.

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Device-agnostic, complete security. Our solution is designed to seamlessly work with your current hardware, as well as with our trusted technology partners. To experience the efficiency and robust security of our solution, specific hardware from our trusted partners is needed.

Management Platform

Our management platform is designed with user-friendliness and customization in mind, providing a holistic view of sensors and venues. It simplifies the process of managing your network of venues and devices, ensuring you have full control with ease.

Mobile SDK

Effortlessly integrate with our mobile SDK, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Installation Kit

Our user-friendly installation kit provides comprehensive reporting and support for indoor field operations, installation, training, and quality assurance.

One analytics dashboard, endless insights

Our bespoke reporting service focuses on the KPIs that matter most to your business. With minimum set up and support from our team, you can easily generate comprehensive reports.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Indoor Location Tracking and Positioning?

Indoor location tracking and positioning refer to the process of tracking and monitoring the movement of individuals or objects within a building.
This is accomplished through the use of indoor positioning systems, which consist of various devices and software designed to locate and track objects where GPS signals are weak or entirely absent.
Although the terms “indoor tracking” and “indoor positioning” are often used interchangeably, there are several different types of technologies and techniques involved in the calculation and provision of real-time location data, which are important to distinguish from one another.

Do you offer demos or trials of your services?

We’re excited to showcase the benefits our services can offer your business through a personalized demo after we touch base!