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Precision-Engineered Fraud Prevention

Real-time, Multi-platform detection tailored for your business!

Learn about bespot SAFE

Bespot SAFE is a highly customisable online-fraud prevention platform that detects suspicious activities which may occur in mobile and web applications.

What you can expect from bespot

Easy integration via SDK

By using Bespot SAFE SDK, organisations are aware that the running environment of their applications is safe. Available for Android, iOS, and Web applications.

Tailor-made strategies

You can create custom strategies or choose Bespot SAFE combinations that include detections and checks responsible for detecting fraud cases.

Not only IP oriented checks

Location Integrity in-detail

Device uniqueness

Unique device identification by integrating into every application.

How does the product do that?

Bespot SAFE indicates device safeness and device true & real location by analyzing the list of unique devices, device behavior, and historical patterns of device usage. Bespot SAFE can conclude and provide a list of secure devices it considers safe and has not detected any fraudulent activity so far.

Bespot SAFE detects fraudulent activities & warns the operator to take respective actions:

  • Block the user from opening the application
  • Limit Access to specific features
  • Monitor for future fraudulent activities & examine fraud patterns

Popular Fraud Cases

Account sharing in the Streaming Industry
Subscription Abuse in the Streaming Industry
Fraudulent Activities in the Gaming Industry

Discover bespot’s solutions

Precise, Real-Time Location Verification

Indicative Consumer Insights & Visualisations

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