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Consumer Insights & Visualisations

Bespot’s Location Αnalytics helps businesses understand and interact with their customers. By harnessing locational data, we offer a comprehensive solution to decode consumer behavior patterns.

Connect, Analyze, Activate.

Mechandizing Actions

Unlock the untapped potential of physical placement with accurate visitor impressions.

Powerful Insights & Heatmaps

Access reliable insights in seconds with automated reports.

Marketing Activation Assessment

Get actionable insights on your marketing campaign’s performance.

Anonymous and Registered User Analysis

Anonymous Visitors: Compliant and Insightful Data Collection

  • Maintain Visitor Anonymity
    Our platform ensures the privacy of your visitors while collecting essential consumer data, maintaining a balance between powerful analytics and ethical practices.
  • Extract Aggregated Metrics
    By focusing on aggregated metrics, Bespot provides a comprehensive overview of consumer trends without individual identification, offering a broad perspective on visitor behavior.
  • No App Required
    We simplify data collection by eliminating the need for app downloads, allowing for a more natural and unobtrusive visitor experience.
  • Compliant
    Compliance with data protection and privacy laws is at the forefront of our operations, ensuring all data collection is conducted ethically and legally.

Registered Users: Deeper Insights for Engaged Customers

  • Identify Unique Users (Opt-in)
    For users who choose to opt in, our platform offers personalized analytics, identifying unique consumer patterns and preferences.
  • Transition from Aggregated to User-Centric
    This approach allows for a transition from general insights to specific, user-centric data, providing a more detailed understanding of individual behaviors.
  • Leverage Digital Assets
    Our platform enables businesses to effectively utilize digital assets for enhanced user engagement and interaction.
  • Trigger CRM Actions
    Integrating user data with CRM strategies, Bespot drives targeted and effective customer relationships and marketing actions.

Consolidate your customer data

Acquisition Metrics
Gaining New Insights

These metrics are designed to be user-agnostic, prioritizing the evaluation and tracking of the efficacy of your strategies in attracting new visitors or users. Utilizing these metrics enables you to precisely ascertain the footfall in your venue, identify high-traffic zones through heatmap analysis, and efficiently manage queue lengths. Additionally, a notable aspect of this system is its capability to provide detailed insights into passerby traffic, including data on the duration of stay for your customers and the rate of passerby conversions. Prerequisites: In-store hardware.

With Acquisition Metrics you unlock:

  • In-Depth Acquisition Analysis
    This will be instrumental in assessing the effectiveness and ROI of strategies aimed at attracting new visitors and users.
Retention Metrics
Building Lasting Relationships

Retention metrics are specifically tailored to monitor and assess the impact of your initiatives aimed at maintaining the engagement and loyalty of your existing customer base. To access vital data such as the return rate of both new and repeat visitors, as well as user churn, it is essential for visitors to have their WiFi enabled (though not necessarily connected), or to have your application installed and actively running on their devices. Prerequisites: In-store hardware.

With Retention Metrics, you can:

  • Analyze Customer Retention
    These metrics are vital in understanding customer engagement and loyalty, helping you keep your customers engaged and loyal over time. 
  • Generate Strategies for Enhanced Loyalty
    Utilize these insights to develop strategies that strengthen customer loyalty and long-term engagement.
Composite Metrics & CRM Actions
Enhancing Business Impact

These metrics are specifically designed to track and evaluate key performance indicators such as return on investment, market penetration, and the overall effectiveness of your strategic actions. To accurately identify unique users and deliver tailored content, the application needs to be installed and connected.
Prerequisites: In-store hardware

With Composite Metrics you can unlock:

  • Holistic View of ROI and Effectiveness
    Get an integrated perspective on the effectiveness of your actions and strategies, measuring ROI, market penetration, and impact. 
  • CRM Integration
    Fine-tune your marketing and customer relationship strategies for maximum effectiveness.

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