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Beyond Footfall
Intelligent People Counting for Retail Success

Achieve retail excellence with reliable customer counting data! Get superior reliability, insights, security, and cost savings.

Bespot People Counter provides a dependable solution for monitoring the number of individuals and analyzing the flow of visitors across various environments. With this valuable data at hand, you can make strategic choices to enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

What you can expect from bespot

Reliable and Accurate People Counting

Discover the precision of our counting solution, offering up to 90% accuracy—far surpassing industry standards and setting a new benchmark in location tracking capabilities.

Extract Aggregated Metrics

Our solution offers real-time occupancy tracking and analyzes visitor flow, enhancing space utilization and service planning. It identifies revenue potentials and manages crowd levels by signaling peak times. It also monitors entry behavior, triggering automatic responses to security breaches, thereby streamlining operations and management.

No App Required From Your Visitors

With a streamlined approach, the counting process is simplified, ensuring efficiency without the requirement of external applications or mobile devices from your customer. The presence of a customer suffices. Capture the attention of your customers to get inside your store and entrust us with the task of managing the necessary data.

Maintain Visitor Anonymity

Bespot’s system is designed with privacy at its core, anonymizing all user data from the outset to uphold the utmost privacy standards while delivering robust analytics. Emphasizing the safeguarding of individual privacy and personal details, our software exclusively collects and retains statistical numeric information.

How does the product do that?

Smart 3D Vision Sensor

Insights’ Dashboards & API

Remotely Installation Process

Accuracy Certificate

Next-Gen Footfall Analytics for Retail Excellence

Our Bespot reporting service focuses on the KPIs that matter most to your business. With minimum set up and support from our team, you can easily generate comprehensive reports or use our default ones.

Insights Detailed List

  • Total Visits (Visits In & Visits Out)
  • Live/Safe Occupancy
  • Passer-by Traffic
  • Passer-by Conversion
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Area Popularity (Heatmap)
  • Repeat/New Customers
  • Queue Management

Popular Use Cases of using Indoor Positioning Systems

Retail Chains
Large retail chains comprised several venues
Retail Gaming Operators
Gaming operators with retail betting businesses

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Frequently asked questions

How does the people counting solution work?

Our solution needs a sensor installed on the ceiling to monitor the entrances of the preferred location. The visual sensor anonymously detects and counts the heads of the people entering and exiting.

How many sensors does my business need per store for counting?

The number of sensors required depends on the height of the ceiling, the width of the entrance, and the number of entrances you would like to monitor.

Do you offer demos or trials of your services?

We’re excited to showcase the benefits our services can offer your business through a personalized demo after we touch base!