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Bespot secured one million euros funding, with Uni.Fund following on as the main investor.  Bespot is an AI and analytics-enabled company that develops deep location intelligence solutions for the retail and hospitality industries, satisfying the needs of both small stores, larger facilities, and public organizations.

Bespot platform enables businesses to access live statistics for their physical stores, outdoor locations, activities, and consumer preferences. This way it facilitates retailers in better understanding their visitors by exploiting data from third party sources.

The new venture round will accelerate the company’s growth and support its plan to expand its operations in Ireland, Italy, Morocco, and the US over the next two years.

In addition, bespot solutions now include the Shopmind customer analytics platform, which has users among leading retail companies in the field of electronics, fashion, and fast-moving consumer goods, in Greece and Europe.

Leon Gavalas, the company’s co-founder, states: “In the last two years we managed to develop significant know-how and create world-class deep tech solutions that utilize location data and support retail digital transformation. Within 2021, our solutions will enhance the shopping experience, by providing personalized digital services, Augmented Reality experiences and useful location insights about 10.000 retail stores “.

Konstantinos Lafkas, Partner of Uni.Fund, states: “Constantly investing in its team and technology, bespot has managed to develop solutions that meet emerging needs of the retail industry. The company’s growth is impressively achieved through strategic agreements with leading companies. We are impressed by the team’s performance and results so far, and we look forward to seeing bespot leading the market “.